The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate, blue water and green fields blessed with the smell of the Atlantic Ocean. The coast can get him to fall in love with the area while exploring the immense range of cliffs and rock formations that border the sea. There are several beaches along the coast, many that are pristine with azul-cristal water that can be visited most of the year.

Our beaches make the Algarve one of the most visited tourist spots in Europe.

In addition to the charming and peaceful landscape of the Algarve, there are the smells and flavours of the traditional cuisine of the Algarve, where you will find a bit of everything from meat to fish, Gourmet regional cuisine, distinctive and typical southern Portuguese.

The climate in the Algarve brings a ray of sunshine with seasonal rains, while the sea breeze brings a relief of mild weather for hot days during most of the year. This hot weather makes fun outdoors for a living.

The Algarve has a very wide offer of quality infrastructure for leisure and business. Is an increasingly sought-after destination for events.

Western Algarve is the image of paradise. Here along the coast you'll find numerous beaches of sand situated between the small bays or coves that are surrounded by peaceful unique caves, caves and rock formations created by erosion and the limestone cliffs.

Carvoeiro was once a fishing village. This seaside resort is situated along the coast.

The city of Silves is found inside situated along the Rio Arade.

Ferragudo, a small fishing village located on the eastern side of the river Arade. It is a peculiar small village untouched by tourism.

On the Western side of the Arade is Portimão, which is considered the western Algarve. Portimão is a busy fishing port and commercial centre.

A little further down is the Alvor, a fishing village.